Set out Surveys for construction, engineering, and development

Set out Surveys for construction, engineering, and development

Often when any new, improved, or upgraded development (building, road, oval, bridge etc.) is to be constructed, the exact locations of these works are required to be set out by a surveyor. They can be as simple as setting out a reference line to allow builders to position the building but often these days with the increase in technology allowing for more detailed and intricately shaped buildings (often constructed off-site), the need for precise set out is invaluable.

On a sloped site, our equipment can measure horizontal distances which often causes headaches for builders as they usually haven’t got the equipment to measure the horizontal distance and requires step chaining which reduces accuracies as you go. With the correct setup, our equipment can measure these distances to within a few millimetres. We can also measure vertical distances which are invaluable in providing for cut and fill measurements when constructing a road, drain, or for setting out an excavation for a pipeline.

Having the right set out data at the outset is so important as it provides surety to the construction teams, reduces time loss, and allows those on site to do what they are experts in. What we do at Step Surveying is interrogate the design plans and create our own ‘shop’ plans that have all information required for the set-out. We work with all involved to determine what set out information is required so that we have a plan of attack prior to a site visit. We are there to help not hinder the construction works so we are always thinking of ways to help out and minimise site delays.

When the set out is complete we make sure that a site handover is carried out, and we provide set out plans for reference usually by the next day. We are also very responsive to set out requests – often available the next day so please contact us today to discuss your project.

About the Author

Peter Mirams has 23 years’ consulting experience working on small to large projects for both government and private clients. Step Surveying’s focus is on providing quality, timely information that value adds to projects from the initial idea to the end result, and uses experience gained working in multi-disciplinary organisations to provide development advice in planning, engineering, and environmental areas.